Becky's Story

"When I found out I was pregnant with my third child I knew straightaway that I wanted to use Annie. I was a little concerned we wouldn’t be able to afford her but she reassured us we could pay by setting up a monthly online payment, which made it a lot easier to budget. I had a fantastic home water birth with my first child using NHS midwives but as soon as he was born I felt rushed to get out of the pool, birth the placenta and get myself sorted so they could leave, they didn’t stay with me for the first breastfeed so I struggled with it for weeks.

With my second child I used NHS midwives again and had a homebirth planned, went into labour which progressed quite quickly, called the hospital to send a midwife to be told they were very busy and there was no one available…I was utterly devastated and the calm relaxed atmosphere of my own home quickly turned into a panic drive to a brightly lit, loud hospital. Despite that I did have a lovely water birth, but again felt hurried to get out of the pool and birth the placenta. I went home three hours later but once more struggled with breastfeeding for several weeks and also felt quite upset about how the birth had turned out.

So I was determined for it all to be different the third time round. For me it wasn’t just about having my baby at home, it was more than that, it was about having someone I knew and trusted before the birth to talk through any worries, she listened to me, she looked after me and I knew she would be there when I went into labour. Just knowing that was a huge relief. Needless to say I had my baby at home in the water surrounded by loved ones. My placenta came unaided shortly afterwards, the whole experience was exactly as I hoped it would be. Annie believed in me, she didn’t examine me, she didn’t rush me and everything was calm. Straight away she supported me with breastfeeding and consequently I had no problems at all which was fantastic! I believe giving birth is so empowering for a woman and one of the most significant moments in your life that you want to remember it with happiness, having Annie there did that for me and I urge anyone who thinks the same to consider using an IM. It will be the best decision you ever make!!"