Pregnancy Care

"I knew that an Independent Midwife would be able to offer me a lot more time to talk things through and that I would be able to get to know and trust her." (mother of 2nd baby)

Many women/couples book me early in their pregnancy, but others only realise they want an Independent Midwife at a later stage. If you're having Complete Midwifery Care from me or have chosen an Antenatal package, once you have booked me you can have all/the rest of your antenatal care with me at a time that suits you, in the convenience of your home.

Or if you're having NHS antenatal care but would like one or more extra visits for reassurance, or something specific like unpacking your previous birth(s) or discussing birth options, please contact me.

"Annie visited us regularly at home during my pregnancy with appointments made to fit our busy schedule." (parents of 1st baby)

At each visit I make all the usual physical checks... your baby's growth, position, heart-beat and movements as well as your blood pressure and urine. I can take blood when and if needed, for testing through the NHS or privately. You are also entitled to ultra sound scans on the NHS, or these can be arranged privately, depending on your wishes. I share information with you, based on current research not hospital protocols, and can help you decide what is right for you and your baby.

"Annie was able to talk through current guidelines, explain pros and cons of different approaches and direct me to literature and internet sites where I could read more if I wished." (mother of 1st baby)

There is plenty of time to discuss all the checks, as well as your feelings and any queries you may have. I ensure you understand the different stages of birth and discuss the sort of things that might help on the day, so that over the months you'll become increasingly trusting and confident. We'll practise relaxation and breathing as well as different strategies for keeping the birth natural and straightforward. Most antenatal visits last about 2 hours.

"Annie's a fantastic listener, as I had a very traumatic birth with my oldest son. She trusted in my ability to give birth at home, just as I had dreamt of." (mother of 2nd baby)

Very occasionally, an obstetrician's advice is needed and we can seek that through the NHS. I would accompany you on such a visit.

"Annie was a strong advocate and communicator on my behalf, liasing effectively with the multidisciplinary professionals involved." (mother of 1st baby)

At any stage of your pregnancy as well as afterwards, I am always available via my home telephone or my mobile if I'm out. If I am planning a holiday during your pregnancy, I will discuss this with you and will make arrangements for another Independent Midwife to be on call for you. If you have booked me for complete midwifery care, I will always be back from holiday 3 weeks before your baby's expected date of birth.

"In addition to her prearranged visits, Annie was always available by phone or bleep if I needed to contact her." (mother of 1st baby)