Annie Robertson - Independent Midwife

"Annie is a very special person and is reliable, reassuring, highly experienced and one of the most fantastic midwives you could ask for." (mother of 2nd baby)

Having a baby is such a special time... very physical, but equally an emotional and spiritual journey... a momentous "life event" that you never forget. Ask any woman about the stories surrounding her children's births and many, many years later, she will still remember what happened, words that were said, things that were done and how she felt at the time.

Pregnancy, birth and the weeks afterwards should be a peaceful time of love, trust and precious memories. A time when you feel safe, nurtured and empowered.

I see my role as supporting you on this journey, caring for you and your baby, helping you feel equipped and prepared, respecting your choices, offering encouragement and walking alongside you. You can choose…

  • Consultation to unpack a previous birth, pre conception care or discuss birth options
  • Antenatal package or one off antenatal visit
  • Birth Preparation Antenatal Classes
  • Individual Birth Preparation session(s)
  • Refresher Birth Preparation session(s)
  • Postnatal package or one off postnatal visit
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Examination of the Newborn Baby
  • Mexican Rebozo Honouring the Mother Ceremony
"I would certainly recommend Annie wholeheartedly to others and wish I had known her the first three times!"