What is an Independent Midwife?

Independent Midwives are often seen as very alternative when in fact most of us are quite normal! We work in a similar way to NHS community midwives but because of the manageable number of clients we accept, have the time and energy to offer highly personal, one to one care.

Independent Midwives are fully qualified midwives who, in order to practice the midwife's role to its fullest extent, have chosen to work outside the NHS in a self employed capacity, although supporting its aims and ideals. As a midwife we care for women during pregnancy, birth and for up to 4 weeks afterwards.

We come under the same regulations as NHS midwives. We each have a Supervisor of Midwives who we liaise with. Every year, our equipment and records are checked as well as our ongoing education to ensure we are practising safely. We also have to annually notify our intention to practise as a midwife in each area we are working in.

For more information see www.imuk.org.uk

"The birth was a magical and empowering experience, lasting six hours and one minute and no pain relief or stitching was required." (parents of 1st baby)