Giving Birth

"I felt very safe and secure and trusted Annie totally. I had a waterbirth at home which was a truly amazing experience" (mother of 2nd baby)

If you're having Complete Midwifery Care from me, when it comes to your baby's birth I will be waiting for you to phone (not a team approach, where it might not be a midwife you know). By that time, we will have built up a trusting friendship, so the birth is a real culmination of everything we've planned... a celebration!

"By the time of the birth, we had built up a very trusting relationship and this birth proved to be a wonderful and natural experience – a first for us." (parents of 4th baby)

Most of the women who book me, plan a home birth, many using a birthing pool. I am always aware of the possibility of complications, but the majority of pregnancies/births are straightforward and I very rarely need to transfer with a client into hospital.

"I needed no pain relief and enjoyed the birth immensely, feeling confident that whatever happened, I was being guided throughout by someone whom I knew had my baby's and my best interests in her mind." (mother of 1st baby)

Some women choose a hospital birth and in this situation, I would visit you at home in early labour and then when the time is right, accompany you to the hospital. Once inside the hospital, I'll continue to support and advise you and liase on your behalf with the hospital midwives.

"Annie attended me at home when labour reached a point where I needed her skill and judgement, then accompanied me to hospital as we had planned. Annie's experience and reassuring presence during the birth, together with her knowledge of me and her ability to work in an entirely complementary way with the hospital staff, helped make the birth a wonderful and very natural experience." (mother of 1st baby)

After the birth I remain with you for usually 3-4 hours.